L'Artista è Innocente

By Luca Donelli Gianfranco Tondini Maria Martinelli
miniseries doc – 2x25'

whit Luca Donelli Gianfranco Tondini

The web series produced by Kamera Film with the contribution of the Emilia Romagna Film Commission tells the story of contemporary art through the experience of Migrant Galleries.


Produced by Kamera Film with the contribution of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission in collaboration with Start Cinema

Broadcast on Trc Tv 9 and on May 16 at 9.20 pm with the first two episodes. Trc Tv is visible on channel 15 and 618 throughout Emilia Romagna and throughout the national territory through TRC SAT, channel 827 of the Sky bouquet. _ Between initial obstacles and first satisfactions, the "migrant" project of the protagonists of takes shape Save the artist.

Producer: Maria Martinelli
Director of photography: Marco Ragno
Editing: Davide Rossetti
Music: Andrea Lepri


“Luca, criminal lawyer and Gianfranco, artist and writer, wish to transform their passion for contemporary art into their new job and decide to create a brand, Gallerie Migranti, to organize exhibitions and sales for collectors, in always different spaces and places, carefully choosing the artists to exhibit and researching the suitable location for the enhancement of their works.”


The artists involved and protagonists of the first two episodes are the Bolognese painter and illustrator Stefano Ricci and Giorgio Celiberti, Friulian painter and sculptor. Different profiles in history, paths and style, but both equally capable of captivating experts and enthusiasts with the originality and beauty of their art. Despite the quality of their proposal and the esteem they immediately receive, both from collectors and in the artistic environment, Luca and Gianfranco find themselves from the beginning to face unexpected and complications that put a strain on their business. Their competence and professionalism, as fundamental as passion, will be decisive in moving in an extremely complex and competitive reality.

In a media landscape where sales and negotiations are the heart of numerous programs, often conceived as minimal variations of the same formula, the SAVE THE ARTIST - L'Artista è Innocente series relaunches the originality of the theme and the style of the story, revealing the behind the scenes of the art market, its reference figures and its actors, making visible aspects and dynamics that never before are at the center of the world of art and its evolution.

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